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Information Courtesy of the   USCG Bar

Federal Requirements and Safety Tips for Recreational Boaters

Learn about the "Aids to Navigation"

Safety And Survival
Boater's Safety Check List
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Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)     
Sound Producing Devices    
Bell-Boats 12m (39,4 ft) or longer     
Navigation Lights and Shapes    
Fire Extinguishers    
Visual Distress Signals     
Backfire Flame Arrester    
Fuel Systems    
Anchor and Anchor Line    
Alternate Propulsion    
Dewatering Device    
General Conditions     
Overall Vessel Condition    
Electrical Systems    
Galley and Heating      
Additional Recommended Equipment    
Marine Sanitation Device    
Pollution Placards    
Navigation Rules    
FCC Marine Radio License    
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