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The Sea Tow Foundation Backyard Water Relay!

Posted By Gail Kulp, Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Updated: Friday, July 17, 2020

The Sea Tow Foundation Backyard Water Relay!


As much fun as it is for the whole family to go out on a boat, there are days when getting to the water can be a challenge. That doesn’t mean that the family has to miss out on the summer fun! Think back to those fun memories of water balloon fights and take it to the next level with these fun water relay activities at home (no pool required)! Just wear a bathing suit and prepare to get wet!


  • Relay 1: Water Balloon “Hot Potato” Style.
    • Have players stand in a circle and toss a water balloon from person to person. Start playing music and at random intervals pause the music. Whoever is holding the water balloon when the music is off, or whoever pops the balloon, is out.
  • Relay 2: Balloon Roll.
    • Set a start and end point on the ground and mark with tape/chalk. Have players line up with a water balloon on the starting line. The player who can roll their water balloon to the finish line, without popping the balloon first, wins!
  • Relay 3: Popping as a Team.
    • Set a start and an end point on the ground and mark with tape/chalk. Divide into two teams. Set out one chair for each team and the finish line and place a water balloon on the seat of both chairs. The players will each take turns running from the start line to the chair to sit on the balloon until it pops. You will need to put a new balloon on after each one is popped. The first team to pop all of their balloons and race back to the start line wins.
  • Relay 4: Target practice.
    • Draw or place cut-out targets on the ground spaced apart in a line. Have all players stand at a starting line and try to throw the water balloon on the targets. If the balloon pops on the target, the team gets the points. For an added challenge, label the targets with math problems. Players will have to solve the problem and hit the correct target to get the points. First team to get 300 points wins!
  • Relay 5: Slipping’n’Sliding.
    • Lay out a tarp over the ground. Spray the tarp with water and a little bit of dish soap for maximum sliding. Continue to spray water on the tarp as each player has a turn sliding on the tarp. Time each player for the fastest speed to get from one end of the tarp to the next. Make sure that the area at the end of the tarp is clear so that no one hits a fence, tree or other items.
  • Relay 6: How Low Can You Go?
    • Turn on the hose and let the water come out at a steady stream. Each player must limbo under the water without getting wet! After everyone goes, lower the level of the water. Continue until everyone no one can clear the height.

We hope that you enjoy these fun water relay activities and get to spend some fun times with water! Let us know who the winners of your relay are and share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram by tagging @SeaTowFoundation!

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