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Life Jacket Count Form

Life Jacket Count Form

Sea Tow Foundation Life Jacket Loaner Stations are part of a nationwide program funded by grants and donations. In order to provide accurate reports to the funding agencies, it is critical for each loaner station and its life jacket inventory to be counted at least once a month during the summer boating season from May through September. Your counts of life jackets are important because they tell us how many people are using the life jackets in your area.

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The Final Reporting Count Form has been closed as of October 22, 2020. A copy of the monthly reporting form from the 2020 boating season is attached as a reference. There is no requirement to complete monthly reports until the 2021 summer boating season.

Thank you for your help in making the Sea Tow Foundation's Life Jacket Loaner Program a nationwide success one local station at a time!



This count tells us how many people are using the jackets. Frequent regular counts show more people are using the life jackets in your area. Only count the life jackets that look like they have been used since you last visited the station. For example, if the life jackets are unbuckled, moved to a different part of the station, are piled at the bottom of the station, or show other signs of use, please count them as worn.


This count tells us the number of life jackets that have become damaged and need to be removed from the station. This includes broken straps and buckles, rips or tears in the fabric, or other issues. Dirt and mildew should be cleaned off the jackets and then the jackets should be replaced on the station.

Click this link to see our blog post on how to properly clean life jackets.


People sometimes will donate their life jackets by placing them on the stand or nearby on the ground. Please count and inspect these life jackets to ensure that they are in usable condition, click this link to see our checklist. If the donated jackets are usable, please write LOANER LIFE JACKET on the back of the jacket with a black permanent marker to keep track of donated jackets.


Counting the life jackets you have in inventory helps the Sea Tow Foundation to understand how many jackets and sizes we have available in our Life Jacket Loaner Program.


Please share any knowledge, observations, and thoughts you have about the station such as how it is used, its location, potential sponsors so that together, we can make the station better.